Company Profile

Bella Wine is a privately owned business whose principal activities are the production, marketing and distribution of Bella Wines and Juices. Our Wines and juices are made from organically grown fruits. We are proud to provide the best quality organic wines and juices in Uganda.

As a company, we won the People's Choice Awards in 2015 and we also emerged as the Best Small Scale Industry in Uganda. Bella wines has won so many awards both Internationally and nationally.


To become the model leading medium-scale enterprise in the production and supply of high quality wines and natural fruit concentrates that are free from chemicals and other contaminants in Uganda.


- To produce and market high quality wines and natural fruit concentrates and RTDs, while creating self employment to the company promoters and other people in Uganda.
- To generate income for the expansion of the company in order to become the leader in production of wines and natural fruit concentrates and RTDs using organically produced and fruits in Uganda.
- To exploit the fruit and vegetable raw material resources grown in Uganda as a way of adding value to Uganda's agricultural produce as well as offer markets to local producers.